WordBridge is capable of delivering high quality, timely translations in all major language pairs, while offering unparalleled customer service and the most cost-effective rates in the industry. Using our “best practices” operating model, we are chosen over many other translation companies due to our efficiency and consistent level of accuracy.

Specialist Linguist

Using only the most appropriate linguists with proven experience, we guarantee attention to detail at every stage. Through longer-term partnerships, our professionals build comprehensive product knowledge and familiarity with each client’s business ‘voice’ and branding.

Our Technologies

Our web-based solution aligns people, procedures, assets and management data across the entire translation process. Analysis, processing and translation memory updates are automatic – eliminating the risks to memory integrity from human error. Memories always contain the latest updates, including amendments made during the validation process.


At WordBridge, we have in-depth experience in the Asian languages, which we have complemented with highly sought- after languages from the rest of the world, to provide a truly global suite of language services. We are dealing with more than 50 languages and hundreds of language pairs. We draw from a network of over 100 linguists who can offer the very best-exceptional language translation services on time and on budget